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Installation -

iPhone Installation

Having trouble installing your iPhone screen protector? Watch the video below to see how easy the process is.

Samsung Installation

Having trouble installing your Samsung screen protector? Watch the video below to see how easy the process is.


If your screen protector experiences bubbling, apply firm pressure with your fingertip or fingernail to the area just aside of where bubbling has occurred, and then press over and away from the bubbling. Repeat this step as needed. Rubbing back and forth is often helpful.

Should any bubbling remain, allow about 24 hours for the screen to “settle” and if any bubbling has occurred, it will generally dissipate. If you continue to have issues, contact us at

You may also use your screen-protector backing as a tool to apply pressure to smooth the screen protector surface during installation.

We employ an advanced adhesive backing that uses a large, stiff surface that enhances installation success and simplicity and also firmly and completely protects your screen protector during shipping. Along with our proprietary adhesives, this backing allows the screen protector to be removed from the backing in a way to keeps the adhesive residue on the screen protector and not on the backing.

This application technology also allows the screen protector to lay down more smoothly and evenly, to prevent or minimize initial bubbling.

Our brand is committed to thoughtful design that not only protects your mobile device, but also informs, delights, and simplifies your experience.

That’s why we’ve included simple 3-STEP Quick Installation Guide inside each original box.

We also offer a helpful install video that not only walks you through the process of getting your screen protector installed quickly and painlessly, but also highlights some of the other ways we’re doing our best to be helpful.

We provide a step by step installation video.

We also provide a 3-STEP Quick Installation Guide inside every DIAMOND DOG original package.

You can also scan the QR code on the back of your original purchase box to take you directly to our helpful installation video.

We offer many convenient payment options, including major credit cards.

Please contact us at to advise us of the order changes you wish and we’ll do whatever we can to best accommodate you. 

If your pre-order has yet to be shipped, we will be able to cancel your pre-order and process a full refund. Please contact us ASAP, and we will do our best to assist you.

If your order has already been shipped, please wait to receive your item in the mail and then contact us at to advise us of the reason for your return. We will provide you with further instructions once we receive your communication.

After testing various 3D screen-protector applications, we designed our screen protectors to cover the entire glass surface but stop before and extend over the edge of the phone. Our testing found that screen protectors that extend beyond the edge of the glass were more vulnerable to scratching and cracking, and ultimately failure.

Our screen protectors are designed and cut precisely to the exacting measurements of your phone’s screen. To prevent bubbling and chipping, our screen protectors do not extend over the edge of the phone, and therefore will most likely work with any case designed to work with your phone.

Our goal is to set and maintain the diamond standard for ultimate protection for mobile devices. 

Our current product offering includes mobile phones and is listed on our product page. Go to for details. 

If there’s a product type you’d like us to consider, please let us know and we’ll seriously consider offering a product for you. Send us a note at

The combination of our DiamondClad Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Technology and our vacuum processed oleophobic anti-fingerprint technology, applied to real tempered glass, provide significantly extended protection from screen smudges and fingerprints.

Perspiration and rubbing against fabric, like denim, significantly reduces the life of a phone or screen protector’s anti-fingerprint capability.

In lab tests, our patented technology proved to protect and maintain fingerprint and smudge protec- tion up to 4 times longer against denim fabric abrasion and up to 6 times longer against perspiration.

Because our screen protector is made of the same material used on new phones—real tempered glass—it feels as natural as your naked phone.

The DIAMOND DOG screen protector is made of tempered glass, plus treated with our DiamondClad Diamond-Like Carbon Technology and anti-fingerprint technology.

Our tempered glass screen protector is not reusable. If, however, in the event that your screen protector is damaged or worn, we will replace your screen protector as long as you own the original DIAMOND DOG-protected phone for which the screen protector was purchased. Please see our warranty information for details.

The combination of our DiamondClad™ Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Technology and our vacuum treated oleophobic anti-fingerprint technology, applied to real tempered glass all makes your phone feel natural and look new longer.

We start with Tempered Glass, just like what is standard on most smart phones.

We then add our patented DiamondClad™ Diamond-Like Carbon Coating technology – the evolution of our technology and material that has protected billions of hard drives over the past 20 plus years.

We then use vacuum processing technology to add an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, which also provides an additional degree of protection in addition to its smudge and fingerprint repelling feature.

We also use advanced multi-layer adhesives that bond each of the many layers that make up our Diamond-Like strong, yet slim and natural screen protector.

Watch our lab test video to see for yourself how DIAMOND DOG IS proven better.

We currently provide screen protectors for Apple, Google and Samsung phones. Please view the list of phone brands and models we currently protect.

If we don’t currently offer a screen protector for your phone, please let us know and we’ll seriously consider offering a product for you.

While the use of both screen protectors and protective cases are the best defense against damage to your phone, your phone may still become damaged. 

Our warranty covers damage to the screen protector but not to the phone. 

Should your DD screen protector become damaged or break, return it and we’ll replace it as long as you own your DIAMOND DOG-protected phone. 

Please see our warranty information for complete details

An automated shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking information will be sent to you after you have placed your order. 

If you have placed an order and not received a shipping confirmation email or tracking number, please contact us at 

You will automatically be given a tracking number in a shipping confirmation email sent to you after your order has been processed. 

If you have not received an email after 3 business days from the date of your order, please contact us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Be sure to check your email spam filter before contacting us, as some email services may route unrecognizable email addresses to the spam folder. 

Shipping time varies, based on the carrier and method you choose. 

Standard shipping time is estimated and provided at the time of purchase. 

Please note that the estimated delivery time is not guaranteed, while we’ll always do our best to get your product to you in the time window you’ve requested. 

If you have an urgent need for your screen protector, expedited shipping is available for an additional shipping charge. 

Standard shipping is free within the contiguous 48 States.

Expedited shipping is optional but is paid for by the customer.

If you return your screen protector for a replacement unit, you are responsible for the shipping costs of the damaged screen protector and shipping costs for the replacement unit.

Virtually all screen protectors ultimately will fail. That’s because they are designed to take the brunt of the damage, instead of your mobile device. Depending on the circumstance, screen protectors may scratch or crack to defend your device from damage.

DIAMOND DOG™ screen protectors, with DiamondClad™ tempered glass, have been lab tested to protect 3-6 times better against scratches, 5 times better against abrasion, and 3 times better against impact than leading competitor screen protectors. Watch our lab test video to see for yourself.

Protective phone cases are very helpful but can’t guarantee they will protect against all circumstances that could scratch, crack or disable your phone.

We recommend that for your best protection, you should use both a screen protector and a protective mobile device case.

Phones now cost more than ever, with many models over $1,000.

2 in 3 smartphone owners reported damage to their phone in 2018 and almost 60% of that damage was from scratched or cracked screens.*[AK1] [CR2] 

Even if you have damage insurance for your phone, there is often still a modest payment required to replace or repair a scratched or cracked screen. And there’s also the cost of the insurance, that adds up month after month.

While protective cases can be helpful, no phone case can provide 100% safety and damage protection for your mobile device.  A durable screen protector can significantly improve the durability and life of your mobile device screen.

*SquareTrade, a division of AllState, MarketWatch 11/25/18

Fingerprint identification is not behaving the same way after my Diamond Dog is on, what can I do?

  1. Re-calibrate the fingerprint recognition by starting a new fingerprint registration process in settings / lock screen and security / fingerprint scanner.
  2. You can also increase your phone’s touch sensitivity before the fingerprint registration process in settings / display / touch sensitivity. Sometimes ultrasonic fingerprint sensors will have difficulty when your skin is very dry. Try moisturizing your fingertip!

My screen seems less sensitive to my touch with my Diamond Dog on, what can I do? 

1. Increase touch sensitivity in settings / display / touch sensitivity.

Warranty Information

Intevac warrants its DIAMOND DOG™ Screen Protector against all defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or materials, under normal use for the lifetime of your phone, subject to the following terms and conditions. The Purchaser must register the screen protector within 60 days of purchase in order to obtain a DIAMOND DOG limited warranty and must be accompanied by a proof of purchase. The UPC code sticker on the bottom tab of the original box provides proof of purchase. The warranty will not cover any defects resulting from the improper installation or misuse of the screen protector, nor any defects resulting from accident, moisture, heat, fire, or other such external cause. A Warranty claim will only be considered where such claim was submitted to within 30 days from the occurrence. All warranty claims submitted to the Manufacturer must be accompanied by purchaser returning the screen protector to the location provided. All warranty claims will be subject to confirmation by the manufacturer. Manufacturer has the sole authority to determine if a defect exists and whether to repair or replace the screen protector, or refund the purchase price. This warranty is limited to replacement of the screen protector and manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage sustained to the phone, person or property of the purchaser or any third party. Purchaser agrees that Manufacturer’s sole liability for any damage incurred by purchaser shall be limited to the purchase price of the screen protector. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. DISCLAIMER Except as set forth above, Manufacturer makes no other warranties of any kind, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, whether express, implied, or by law, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use, quiet enjoyment, or non-infringement.

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