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Save Dollars. Makes Sense.

The average cost to repair a smartphone screen is $170. For the iPhone Xs Max, it’s $329.* *(SquareTrade, a Division of AllState, MarkerWatch 11/25/18)

Get a Screen Protector. Get a Date.

15% of adults said they would be cautious about dating someone who had a shattered smart phone screen.* *( survey)

Are You Willing to Risk Your Phone?

Americans broke more than 50 million screens in 2018, and spent over $3.4 billion to replace them.* *(SquareTrade, a Division of AllState, MarkerWatch 11/25/18)

Man’s Best Friend

While DIAMOND DOG is a screen’s best friend, dogs are part of the family in 46.3 million households in the United States, more than any other pet, according to the American Pet Products Association.