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Intevac Announces Debut of DIAMOND DOG™ Screen Protectors with DiamondClad™ Tempered Glass

DIAMOND DOG sets the new diamond standard for long-lasting mobile device screen protection and performance. DIAMOND DOG features patented DiamondClad technology, built on the foundation of 120 patents and Intevac’s diamond-like carbon technology that has protected billions of hard drive media over 25 years.

Lab tests show DIAMOND DOG screen protectors provide up to 6 times better scratch protection, up to 5 times more abrasion protection, up to 4-6 times longer anti-fingerprint protection, and up to 3 times better breakage protection.* Plus, if your DIAMOND DOG screen protector gets damaged or worn, DIAMOND DOG will replace it as long as you own your DIAMOND DOG-protected phone.**

3-6 Times More Scratch Resistant
Super Scratch Resistant
4-6 Times Longer Anti-Fingerprint Life
3 Times Stronger Anti-Breakage
Stronger Than Competing Brands
5 Times Tougher Anti-Abrasion
Anti-Abrasion, Super Tough
  • Your mobile device screen is better protected for a longer period of time
  • Your mobile device interface performs as naturally as the phone’s own screen does
  • Your mobile device stays clean, maintains pristine clarity, and looks like new longer
  • You’re paying a fair price and getting extra, lasting value and a lifetime warranty

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"If you need a screen protector then look no further than this one!"

"I tried to scratch yours (Diamond Dog) and I put in a lot of effort into it and as hard as I tried I couldn't scratch it."

"Actually, it's pretty dang close to perfect."

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RedHeadMom.comShannon Gurnee
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"I really like the DIAMOND DOG Screen Protector! Not only was it super quick and easy to install, but my screen looks like new and I feel confident my phone is protected."
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"Lo interesante de este producto es que Intevac Inc tiene tanta confianza en Diamond Dog que si se daña o gasta, la empresa lo reemplaza gratis con uno nuevo."

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