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Setting and Maintaining the Diamond Standard for Ultimate Screen Protection

Our Mission

DIAMOND DOG’S™ mission is to help you protect, extend and get the most life and performance out of your mobile devices. While we’re at it, our brand is committed to thoughtful design that not only protects, but also informs, inspires, and delights you throughout your mobile device ownership experience.

The Company Behind Diamond Dog™
A Proven Silicon Valley Heritage

Intevac, the Silicon Valley-based company behind DIAMOND DOG™, has a long history of innovation leadership. Leveraging over 25 years of focused experience developing thin film technology, we’re now able to allow you to take advantage of our advanced technologies with our first consumer product, DIAMOND DOG™.

25 Years
120 Patents

Billions of Hard Drives Protected
We are passionate and dedicated Silicon Valley scientists and innovators on a relentless pursuit to solve big problems with industry leading products.

Computer Media Manufacturers

Internet Web Server Infrastructure U.S. Military
We’ve gained the trust of leading computer media makers, protecting billions of hard media devices over nearly 25 years. The U.S. military also relies on our night vision technologies to enable our brave American soldiers to protect us.
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